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#9 | Four Failed Attempts at the Adirondack’s Northville-Placid Trail, and a Fifth Shot at Success with Tuts from Trekking On


On today's episode I chat with Tuts, a thru-hiker, film-maker, and all-around outdoors man about his fifth, thats right FIFTH shot at thru-hiking the Adirondack's Northville-Placid Trail (spoiler, he crushes it the last time). What makes a relatively short, and nearly completely flat trail so difficult? We cover this and much more in our discussion about Tut's latest film, 'Northville-Placid Trail - If At First'. We also got into why Tut's shares his adventures with the world on Youtube, and even hear the story of how I (as in Kyle) also failed an attempt to thru-hike this infamous trail, due to a very bizarre reason.

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